Fractal Labs turns data into measurable and scalable financial and risk tools.

Enabling your business to run faster, streamlined and overcome regulatory, financial and fraud challenges.



Leverage new generation technology to work smarter and faster.



Maintain Lower costs with higher output.



Access to experienced live backend support



Tailor workflow capabilities to meet end-to-end objectives. Set your own hot keys, link windows, alerts, signals, and more.

Data is nothing if not converted to actionable insights and used to make smart business decisions. With our team of scientists, stack of bespoke technology, and industry experience, Fractal Labs can simplify your raw data, enabling you to unlock insights for strategic development within your organisation.

Our products

sales lab

Sales Lab | Lead Optimisation

Scrutinisation of clients’ personal data to optimise leads and define quality and well as which clients are more likely qualify and convert into a sale.

sales lab

Customer Experience

Clients are presented with products suited to them based on their personal data.

sales lab


Flow can be adapted according to product offering of the business and partners.

Client journey

sales lab

Sales Lab

Optimise leads and define quality

score lab

Score Lab

Supervised machine learning

offer lab

Offer Lab

Transactional behaviour modelling

lender lab

Lender Lab

Reducing risk and improving turnaround time

fraud lab

Fraud Lab

Identify organized groups of fraudsters

risk lab

Risk Lab

IFRS 9 compliant expected credit loss modelling

Operating countries


Over 2019, our solutions produced optimised credit scores for over 1.5m consumers across 10 geographies, approving total loans in excess of USD 200m.


  • Kenya      
  • Malawi      
  • Mozambique      
  • Namibia      
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania      
  • Uganda      
  • Zambia      
  • Zimbabwe      
  • Uganda


  • Australia      

Meet the team


Timothy Nuy


team member

Timothy has 8 years of international experience across countries such as Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom in Europe and Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe in Sub-Saharan Africa, 4 years of experience working as a managing director and extensive experience in investments, mergers & acquisitions and corporate advisory. He joined Nifty Financial in 2014 and has constantly exceeded target and led the company’s acquisition for banks and micro-finance institutions. Timothy has expert and specialist knowledge of a wide range of financial markets and investment processes, including full treasury and corporate fundraising activities. He has extensive experience in financial analytics and a CFA Charterholder, highly developed skills in business planning, valuations and data analytics.


Gunther Marais


team member

Gunther has 9 years’ experience in banking risk management with a focus on stochastic modelling, counterparty risk and derivative valuations. He joined MyBucks in 2015 as a credit risk analyst and in 2019 took up the role of group CRO overseeing all risk reporting as well as the IFRS 9 modelling for the group. Gunther holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics


Leilanie Uys


team member

Holds a Master’s Degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering which was focused on the automatic classification of digital signals. Completed her master’s degree at the CSIR’s. She has been working in the FinTech industry since, specialising in credit risk modelling and data engineering.


Dirk Postma

Credit Risk Analyst

team member

Holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering and specialises in Data Science with a focus on financial risk modelling. He brings the engineering- and problem solving mindset to the team. Dirk is responsible for the IFRS 9 risk modelling and other machine learning projects.


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